Friday, September 9, 2011

Svea's open house, geese, tiny Japanese animal forks, etc.

Svea is going to preschool! She starts next week and she is so excited. We went to the open house last night and she was immediately drawn to a large bin that had green shredded paper and plastic bugs in it.

Why she was so attracted to this is beyond me. The dollhouse, the train, the pretend washing machine and dryer . . . none of those held a candle to the bug bin. Butterflies are the only insects that don't provoke a screaming session in Svea. Even gnats frighten her. But here she is playing with bugs . . . ?

Viggo and Elin were equally enthralled with the bug bin.

After the open house we headed to Toys -R-Us, which I have to admit, I really don't like that place. We were in there earlier this week scoping out some birthday gift ideas and these little Playmobil packets caught Svea's eye. For $2.99, you get a packet with one of ten possible figures inside. It could be a princess figure. It could be a skier. It could be a mermaid. It could be a punk-rocker Robin Hood gal with a gun. Well, we went home that day and Svea counted her money. She was about a dollar short. The next day she volunteered for many chores and earned some money. Viggo found out about this and was eager to see what the Playmobil mystery packet person thing was all about, so he donated some pennies. A few hours later, possibly desperate to get to Toys-R-Us, he gave Svea even more cash, so she made it up to $3.00. She paid the cashier in mostly nickels and pennies, which Nate painstakingly counted out.

Of course while we were there, Viggo accidentally tripped over Svea's newly healed leg, causing Svea to cry out in agony and Nate and I's hearts stopped beating for a moment until we were convinced she was actually okay.

While we were there, Viggo surprised Elin and bought her a Playmobil mystery packet person with his own money: "I don't want her to feel left out, Mom." He had enough to buy something for himself but the only thing he purchased was Elin's own toy. What a guy!

We came home and said everyone had to be in their pj's before the packet people were opened. Well, heaven was shining down on us and both girls got seasonally-themed princesses, complete with cute dresses, wands, crowns, a dove, the works. Thank. Goodness. The thought of somebody getting the Robin Hood punk rocker/vandal/ riff-raff gal was a little worrisome.

Elin slept with her little winter princess next to her bed.

Svea was completely delighted with her spring princess.

New toys are so exciting - especially when you earn the money and work hard for it! (And when you receive handouts from your generous big brother :)

In other news, two dozen geese visited our backyard this morning. Viggo went out on the deck to take photos. This has been happening daily for some time now, but today, Viggo wanted some pics. When he went out on the deck, the geese all started going . . . away.

The girls were thrilled. When there are geese around, it is a really big deal and was major entertainment this morning.

And other breaking news: I bought these little Japanese animal fork picks from I thought they would just make lunch around here a little more interesting. For $4 I figured it was worth the risk of the investment to see what little people around here would think of them. So they came in the mail today.

They were a hit!

I buttered bread and cubed it and cut up canteloupe into very small pieces. Svea and Elin carefully ate everything with their little bears and kitties.

How cute are these. They are very, very small. They are small enough to all fit on Svea's hand. Elin has visited the drawer in the kitchen several times, where they now live, to check on them. I'm sorry to report the giraffe is sad, but all the other little animals have cheerful expressions. If you have a picky eater in your life, I would highly recommend these. There are 3 of each design so you get 15. No, Amazon is not paying for me to tell you this (but they ought to). I just think they're such a hoot!


  1. Marlene, no kidding, I bought the exact same forks for Oliver's lunches. Is Amazon a small world after all??????

  2. No way!! Well, there goes that gift idea! Yes, it is . . . I just discovered what Bento boxes are, and having no time to construct lunches that rival works of art at the MOMA, decided that Bento elements would be almost just as fun :)